Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Husband Is Out To Destroy Me. Also gerbils.

Ok, a slight overstatement. There are few things worse than to sit in front of a blank page and have NO IDEA what to write about. I'm much more in a reading mood than a writing one today. For some reason thirty minutes of mindless web crawling through Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter, and various other forms of online stalking, have not revealed some fabulous source of inspiration for me. I hang my head in shame and failure. Not only for what I have failed to do, but also what I have done.

Me: Scott, real quick! I can't think of what to write about! What's the first thing that pops into your head? Now - GO!

Scott: Gerbils.

Me: Gerbils?

I hate him.

I suspect he is trying to make fun of me. He's also doing very little to help me find a picture of him with a gerbil. I'm doubting his commitment and sincerity to this particular topic. He suggests I should just write everything I know about gerbils.


On top of everything he also refuses to make me a cup of tea and says he's going to go play Call of Duty instead. It's very difficult to find good help now a days. Honestly! Wait...hold on...I hear the water running down stairs! He is doing it! Ha! I Win.

Hmm, I should probably spell check this before I go any further. Done! I told Scott that I would only be ten minutes at the most. He's timing me. Who does that? Someone who wants to see you fail, that's who. Someone who gives you a terrible topic to write about, pretends to not make you tea and refuses to pose with a gerbil. Mind you I have no idea where to get a gerbil at this time of night. To the best of my knowledge they don't have drive through pet stores...yet. Hmm, memo to self.

I think my ten minutes is almost up.

Gerbils are small.


  1. I just turned to Todd and said "I think Jenn has started blogging drunk.." lol.

    1. Started?? You think too much of me. It is after five o'clock you know.;-)

    2. Your best work yet! A true classic!! I had no idea gerbils were so.. Umm.. Small :)

      Ps) Tea is ready.

  2. :D Love your resourcefulness at creating inspiration. And kudos on getting your tea too. Found you on NaBloPoMo.

  3. I might have gotten fresh baked cookies if I said I'd be half an hour. I'll know better for next time.


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