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Twitter is such a huge time suck. It keeps me from doing the things I should be doing on a more than regular basis. It's also a huge gossip. I don't know how many twitter rants and wars I've followed. Sometimes they go on for days. They spread through blogs, emails, Facebook, Youtube and even into mainstream media. It's fascinating! Twitter is an agent that can spread discontent and retaliation faster than any super virus I know. That's why I love it so. As much as I want to delve into that subject right now, and I will when I have the proper amount of time to do so, this is really about another Twitter convention: Follow Fridays.

Some people do this and some don't. Basically from what I understand, being somewhat of a newbie to Twitter, you suggest other people you find interesting for people to follow. I have followed a few people others have suggested, but honestly not that many. Simply suggesting a name isn't enough to get me to follow someone. Of course you can, and some do, provide a brief description of why, but 140 characters doesn't allow for much. That being said, I like the idea of suggesting other interesting people to other interesting people. (I don't follow uninteresting people you see) Instead of suggesting  a handful of people to check out every Friday, I'm going to suggest just one person to every Friday. If you want to know more about why this person is so fascinating and worthy of your attention you can check the link to my blog. There, every Friday, I'll make my case for this person or group and what makes them so darn follow-worthy. Hopefully you'll follow their blog, Twitter or other followable form of social media. This is my Fantastic Idea Of The Week! (I hope you read that with a booming announcers voice. If you didn't go back and re-read it again.) Until I can get the first one finished and presentable, you can follow my blog and my Twitter if you want. @Jenn_Parker. I'm actually NOT that interesting, but it is #FF after all.

Follow Friday List of Stalkable People and Places

  • Karen Wilson, @Karen_C_Wilson. The Media Mesh. See Why Here.
  • Blogher, @Blogher See Why Here.


  1. I finally started Twitter a New Years Eve.

    It is a huge time-suck!! I saw the #FF today and was wondering what that was all about. Thanks for explaining.

  2. I agree, I think doing an #FF on one person with a well written plug would be more effective. But #FF can be a shoutout too, it's kind of like saying "Happy Friday" to your favorites.

    Rants?! Funny, I mainly read article links and look at pics. I had no idea about the drama...

  3. @mauishopgirl, that's tue too. I hadn't thought about it that way. There is a lot of ranting and just general drama going on. Below is an example from a few weeks ago. It was picked up by a lot of people on Twitter where I found out about it too. @thebloggess and @wilw just ran with it! Their tweets were so funny!

  4. @a.eye, between Twitter, Pintrest, Facebook and this blog, I get nothing done!

  5. Great post. Twitter was a total time suck for me, too. I wanted to read what everyone had to say (because, yeah, I only follow interesting people), but I also follow 178 people, and I hated feeling like I was missing something.

    So, then, I organized people into lists, and it was like the heavens opened! Now, if I want to read celebrity tweets, that's all I look at. Networking with other people in my industry is easy. And if I want to find out which food trucks are by me? It's at my fingertips. I found it very freeing.

    By the way, I'm @mamaturg.

  6. I think this is an awesome idea! I'm new to Twitter too! I signed up to view stuff from celebrities (slight celeb gossip addiction right here), but a lot of the bloggers that I follow are on there too! Loooove @thebloggess, @dooce, and @kellyoxford. HILARIOUS!

    I'm @Jen_Palis from if anyone wants to follow.


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