Sunday, October 1, 2017

New Beginnings

In times of stress, turmoil or unhappiness. It is natural to want to change everything. It can be intolerable. A another  month, week or day seems like an impossible burden to bear. It's in those times of emenmse  callenge that change itself is nearly impossible to achieve. That's ok! Making real meaningful change in the best of times is a difficult task. Instead it can often be better to embrace and accept those difficulties as a temporary part of your life.

That's not  to say you shouldn't try to make changes in your life at all. It does you no good to be an absentee captain  of your own ship. Instead except that change is hard and hardship can be temporary. Be willing to accept that change will likely be slow and fraught with many failures. Don't be discouraged! If need be, take a break and start again, but never give up. Everything has its season, even success.

It's for that reason I've begun writing again after nearly four years. Everything has its season. The ground has thawed, and it's time to turn over new ideas and plant new goals. This is going to to be a part of that new beginning. A rediscovery of who I am and who I want to be. Everything has a beginning, and sometimes they start in the middle.

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