Sunday, January 8, 2012


I few months back my laptop died on me. So annoying! It was the only way I could upload pictures. That prevented me from doing a lot of posts that I would have otherwise wanted to do. Mostly things like going to museums and other family or personal activities. My darling husband, understanding this frustration, (because I wouldn't stop complaining about it), bought me a doohickey that will allow me to upload things now. I think that's the technical term. I put my little card thingy in it from my camera, plug it in to the usb of the computer, and Bob's your uncle. Or in my case, father. So I'm looking forward to getting to do those posts soon, even if they are a little bit dated. Anywho, I have been told I need to go shopping. I guess that 5 mins to myself really flies! Later.

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