Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beware the Tooth Fairy

When my daughter turned two we (re:me) decided it was time to do away with the soother. Yeah, yeah. She was two and still had one, but I have a whole bunch of ready excuses for you. She only used when going to bed and was otherwise not attached to it. I was VERY pregnant and was lucky for any sleep I was getting, which wasn't a whole lot. This was not the time to mess with an otherwise good napper and sleeper. At the time we had zero problems putting her to bed. Not a lot of people can say that with their toddler.

Once the new addition came we didn't sleep much. Almost not at all. So in our sleep deprived logic (re:mine) we (re:me) decided "Hey, since I'm not sleeping anyways why not deal with this soother issue now?" On maybe three hours of non-consecutive sleep a night for, oh, about three months, one could not argue with the pure insane logic of this. One night I hatched a fiendish plan...

Rooted in the combined wisdom only found through multiple Google search on the subject, I introduced my daughter to the Soo Soo Fairy. The Soo Soo Fairy takes your soother and gives it to little babies who need it. As a thank you, she replaces the "donated" soother with a gift of some kind. Miss. A seemed totally on board with this idea. Especially the gift part. We labeled a big envelope addressed to the Soo Soo Fairy, put the soother in it, and popped it in our mail box. After lunch we checked the box and "miraculously" a new envelope appeared addressed to her. We opened it. Score! The Soo Soo Fairy left her a very thankful note about how kind and grown up it was of her to help the little babies out. She also left her some hair clips and Dora lip gloss. Everything was going to plan perfectly.

Until we put her to bed anyways. "Where's my soo soo??!" I explained that the Fairy took it and gave her those great gifts. "Nooooo!" No amount of consoling and convincing would help. We eventually had to leave her to her own and hope for the best. After about forty minutes of calling out to Santa for help (the toddler God), she feel asleep. The next night was better. The third she had given up on the cause. It was heart breaking, but worked out in the end. No harm done.

She's nearly three and a half now. To this day if anything goes missing she blames the Soo Soo Fairy. She proclaims it with the total resentment and bitterness of someone who feels they've been double crossed. Now I'm afraid to tell her about the Tooth Fairy?

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