Monday, November 21, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Today I took Baby K to her music class. She of course loved it, despite having to miss a nap to be there. She can't walk yet, but she sure loves to try! Gravity and balance are still foreign concepts to her. The class is geared towards toddlers who CAN walk at her age. So I have to hold her hands and walk in the circle with her. Often it starts as walking, but quickly moves to running. It so funny to see her little legs moving so fast! Of course she's in seventh heaven because walking and running is all she wants to do all day anyways. She has me trapped for a full half hour to indulge her.

Miss. A watched Alice In Wonderland with Dad while we were out. Then did some crafts and finally begged him to play Skyrim! She likes to sit on his lap while he plays and fight dragons and search castles. After lunch we all bundled up and went to the park. Miss. A found a little friend to play with and Baby K enjoyed playing on the swing, it was cold but everyone enjoyed themselves.

DH made a great dinner, as per usual. Now that the kiddies are I bed, we're enjoying a nice glade of wine and watching some TV. It was a good Monday. I'm not sure why people dislike Mondays so much.

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