Friday, November 18, 2011

If I Had A Million Dollars...

I would buy you a green dress. Hey, I know you were all thinking it. Don't lie. I'm sure every one has been asked, or at least thought about it themselves, what would you do if you won the lottery? I'm talking millions of dollars! You would never have to worry about money troubles again. Oh man! How good would that feel? I thought getting a good parking spot was awesome. I'm not sure I'd be emotionally equipped to handle that much good news. I suppose my first response would be to faint and my second to pick myself off the floor.

I think if you asked most people you would get some very similar answers. I'd buy a house, car, go on vacation, a shopping spree! Then, remembering themselves, add give some away to friends and family and give some to charity too. I'm not sure I'm the best person to win the lotto really. I don't think I could spend that flamboyantly. I'm sure it would be fun, but I would feel totally self conscience about it. My millionaire list, I imagine, is a bit different from the norm.

1) Firstly I wouldn't by a super car or anything too flashy. Something nice and dependable with all the bells and whistles. I need room to fit in two car seats and possibly additional passengers. Oh cripes! I think I'm suggesting that if money was no object I'm buy a minivan! Well it would be a really FLASH minivan.

2) I'm also completely clueless and lazy in the kitchen. So I would hire a personal chef and nutritionist. That way I know there will always be healthy meals on the table for everyone. No more popcorn and Kraft dinner for supper! Yippe!

3) I would pay off my mortgage and the mortgage of my friends and family too. Then I'd invest some money back into this house. There are a lot of things that could be improved. The deck, new carpets, new kitchen cupboards and counters, fence in the yard and some really class act landscaping. Why not just sell it you ask? We will, but I want it to look nice for the next person. We love this house and want it to be a nice home for someone else too.

4) Buy a bigger home. Something not far from the city but not right in it either. Lots of land. Scott likes to mow the lawn on one of those riding mowers. Maybe get him a nice umbrella for it.

5) Travel. I'd like to take the kids to see family that don't live near us. We'd go to Toronto, Winnipeg, Germany, Scotland and the like. We'd make sure we saw Canada coast to coast. I've always wanted to go out east for some sea food fresh from the ocean.

6) Save for the kids education. Not just school, but things they're interested in too. If they want to learn the cello or steel drum, I'm sure someone can teach them. Mind you, if there's a private school that would be right up their alley, I'd like them to have the option of attending. I'd want them to be able to go to whatever college or university they wanted to later on too.

7) Go back to school. Yes, again! I'm sure there are a few classes I haven't taken yet. Maybe I'd even go to law school when the kids are older.

8) The multitude a worthy charities to give too. I'd like to help out different ones every year some how. There are so many worthy causes, I don't think I could advocate for just one.

9) I like to have my own comic book shop. It's stupid I know, but I've always wanted one.

10) Become a foster parent. I'd really like to be able to do this. So many kids need a new start and the system seems so broken. I'd like to help the few that I could. We have a good family and come from good families. I think everyone should have a chance at that.


  1. Hi, Jennifer! Visiting via NaBloPoMo!

    Great list!

    I would finish up my house before I sold it too. Like you, I would want the next family to have a "move in" condition home.

    I'm also on board with #8 and #10! But I'd have to wait until my youngest (he's 14) is out of high school. I believe that while my kids still need me, I have to give them 100% and if I had foster children I would be splitting myself and my time. It would be really awesome to help children who need love and support though. Something I've always wanted to do.

    Now all we need to do is play! Because you have to play to win! ;-)

    (Maybe I'll work on my list in case I win!)

  2. I was thinking, "I would buy you a K car - a nice Reliant automobile." ;)

    I need to write this post, because I don't know what I'd do precisely. But I'm totally thinking about it for when I win the CHEO dream home lottery. HA!

  3. I actually used to drive a Plymouth Reliant! I love your idea about foster children. Love is one of those things that is exponential, the more you do it, the more capacity you have. Love all your ideas. If I had a million dollars I would eat dijon ketchup. LOL. I'd like to visit a few key places in the world, Disney for J, Ireland for me, NASA for T, buy some land, design my own home with laundry upstairs AND downstairs, have a swimming pool to sit by in the summer with a cold drink and a book. Put up a skating rink in the winter. Work or volunteer part time doing something rewarding, could be my present job, could be something entirely different.

  4. @Pamela, I totally agree. I'd have to wait until the kids were grown too. I want everyone to get the full attention they deserve. Plus it'll give me time to convince my DH it's a good idea. ;-)

    Ps, good luck with NaBloPoMo. More than half way there!

  5. @Karen, I can help you out I think. If you win let me live in one of the wings! Or at least have full access to the wine wall. I keep meaning to go visit the house and haven't yet!

  6. @Amanda, thatnsounds like a beat list! I'd also love to find a secluded cottage somewhere perfect for reading on the dock. I'm really a retired person at heart.

  7. I think your list is lovely. If I had a million dollars, I'd build a new school. My specs, the county could stuff it since they say THEY have no money. (I've mopped up enough floods in the bathrooms, and I'm just a mom there.)

    That done, I'd invest some for college for my children. Maybe give myself a new kitchen.

    And then buy me some shoes with the money I saved for me.


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