Thursday, March 8, 2012


The weather yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! We spent most of the day outside. In the morning Miss. A and I cleaned out the car. It was very dusty and had paper and wrappers all over it. I was always so embarrassed if someone else was in our car. We played out the front after that. Drawing with chalk on the driveway and making snow castles out of the snow that was quickly melting around us. After Baby K woke from her name and we had fueled up with lunch, we decided to it the road and walk to the park.

Anyone who knows Miss. A very well, or even slightly, knows she has a habit of bolting when we're out. Regardless of where we are or her own personal safety, she just takes off! This drives me insane. I'm always terrified something is going to happen to her because she never comes back when I call her. I have to run her down and drag her back. Of course she'll never get better if I don't take her out at all, so we still go, and I still have a mini heart attack most times. This time I thought of a devious plan. I gave her a baby in a toy stroller and told her we would walk our babies together. This way she couldn't just run, or at least not very fast, if she was pushing it. It actually worked really well! She pushed that stroller all the way to the park and back. She also really doesn't like leaving the park. I thought I could set her baby up with the blame too.

Me - "So we'll play at the park for a while, but eventually we'll have to go home. You 'll have to feed your  baby and she'll need a nap."
Miss. A- "No she won't. She's not a real baby." If she thought of adding "duh" she would have.
Me - "I know, but we're just pretending."
Miss. A -"I don't want to pretend."

Darn it! So close!

Once we got there they had lots of fun at the park. It was warm enough that they didn't need snow suits, so they were able to wear their splash pants. This was great for Baby K because she has such a hard time walking in one. She ran around and explored easily and seems very happy about it. I took her on the slide and she loved it; dragging me back to the stairs time and time again. Miss. A ran straight for the Big Kid slide. I didn't realize that a HUGE puddle had formed at the bottom. Woosh! Ten seconds at the park and already soaked to the bone!

We also spent quite a bit of time on the swings. Baby K giggled a lot and loved seeing her big sister next to her. Miss. A didn't disappoint and totally hammed it up for her. We were there for about two hours and could have stayed longer even. I knew that school was letting out and soon the park would be full of kids. If I had any chance of leaving without a fight I'd have to go before they showed up. Miss. A is a social animal. I'm horrified when I think of what her cell phone bill will be years from now.

Baby K was sadded by the news that it was time to leave. =(

We managed to leave the park without too much difficulty and only one time out! Success! However I got the suspicion that Miss. A was getting a bit tired on the walk home. It is a pretty far walk and I was surprised I had heard her complaining yet. I asked her if she was tired and if she would want me to take her baby for a little bit. "I'm ok, but I need a snack." So we pressed on. I kept looking back to see if she was keeping up. On one of the instances I saw her push her stroller into the middle of a driveway and make like she was going to leave it.

Me - "You can't abandon your child!" She didn't even ring the door bell! Poor plastic baby!
Miss. A -"I wasn't!" Then she dragged her feet back and retrieved her stroller.

Despite feeling obviously burdened by her new found parental responsibilities, Miss. A and Baby K had a blast enjoying the spring like weather. More than half of the snow is gone and we can't wait to get out again!

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