Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Knock, Knock...

Recently Miss. A has decided she's a bit of a comedian. At mealtimes she likes to tell us knock knock jokes.

Miss. A - "Knock Knock"
Me - "Whose there?"
Miss. A - "Pizza!"
Me - "Pizza who?"
Miss. A -"We had pizza for lunch and then we went to the park and splashed in the puddles and then we...and we <indecipherable>...and came home and ate snacks and it was SO much fun!"

At this point you have to laugh and say she's silly or hilarious. If you don't she looks at you and says "You have to laugh now." If you don't you're "doing it all wrong." I know that sometimes there are tough rooms, but it's a poor performer that blames the audience when things aren't going well. So far I haven't had the heart to heckle her. From what I've heard, stand up is a tough gig, especially if you're only three.

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