Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Wonder Where She Keeps Her Flux Capacitor?

Yesterday the kids and I went grocery shopping.  We haven't been to the store in a while and were out of just about everything. Even the basic components of food were used up. We wouldn't have been able to make mustard sandwich even if we wanted to. The mustard sandwich, from what I can tell, is the last desperate attempt to find something to eat next to ice chips. Oh, shoot! I forgot to buy mustard! Anyways it took nearly TWO HOURS to pick up everything we needed. On the bright side they gave us a free side of salmon! It was delish! Usually if I shop on the other side of the city, as I did yesterday, I have to drive past a Starbucks on the way home. I feel that a two hour shopping trip with kids deserves a tasty beverage at the end of it.

We went through the drive through (because there is NO WAY I'm taking the kids out of the car again) and I ordered a "tall skinny vanilla latte". The "skinny" part basically allows me to drink it guilt free even if it's not fat free. It's a permission slip from myself saying "Go ahead! You deserve it, and it 's not like it's really that bad. PLUS, you ordered a tall. If anything you should have pizza for lunch too." When the lovely lady handed my my coffee there was a stir stick in the top which Miss. A noticed. The following exchange occurred:

Miss. A - "What's that in the top of your cup?"
Me - "It's a stir stick"
Miss. A - "What's it for?"
Me - "There's a hole in the top of the cup to drink from. They fill it with a stir stick so it doesn't spill when you're driving."
Miss. A -"Oh"
Miss. A - "When I was your age I got a coffee and there was a stir stick in it too."
Me - "Is that so?"
Miss. A - "Yeah."
Me - "So you do a lot of time traveling, do you?"
Miss. A -"Yeah, I'm lucky."
Me - "Indeed."

I wonder if I can get her to to look up the lotto numbers next trip?


  1. That's awesome! If she ever goes back in time, I'd like to give her a few errands to run for me, okay?

    1. Sure thing! Fair warning, she IS easily distracted. It may be faster to invent your own time machine.


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