Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunny Days

Today I made two goals for myself and the girls. The first was to be more firm and no nonsense.  I'm the boss and what I say goes. There's been far too much whining, crying and disrespect going on in this house and I aimed to put my foot down.  The second was to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunny day that was before us! As I had mentioned earlier, we have been sick pretty much since mid Decemeber. To say we had cabin fever would be an understaement. Today was a day where health and weather conisided and we were going to take full advantage of it!

The day started off as most lately have. Whining, begging, crying. "I want TV! I want Mario Kart", and a host of other unreasonable requests. Within the first hour Miss. A had about three time outs. During breakfast she moaned at what I imagined she thought was the most unfair treatment EVER! Really! Mothers can be so unreasonable at times! I told her she could eat or not eat, but she wasn't getting anything else until lunch. It was up to her. After a few minutes she stopped moaning and started eating. She looked up at me, "Mom can I tell you something?" I nodded. "I'm sorry I wasn't eating my food. And for crying. And for keeping everyone awake last night." She had been up and down more than a newborn demanding this and that. "It's hard being a little girl! I need more practice." I was pleasently shocked and amazed at this confession! "Thank you, that's very grown up of you. I'm proud of you for saying sorry." I suddenly had second thoughts about selling her to the circus.

After breakfast I told them that I was going to go upstairs and get dressed and ready for the day. Then we could all go out for a walk and maybe even the park. They were super excited about this because it meant the quartine was over! When I came down they had pulled out every bit of play food and made a tea party to surprise me with. After our "tea", we got dressed and went out for our walk. We looked at the little streams on the road from the melting snow and ice. Miss. A jumped in every one. We talked about how to cross the road safely and what the stop sign meant. Baby K talked and laughed to herself the whole time. When we got to the park we saw that there were lots of kids playing. The home daycares in the area all tend to congregate at this particular park. "Look at all the kids! Maybe I'll find the perfect friend here", Miss. A told me excitedly. Geez! Make me feel guilty for not taking her out much as I probably should.

We spent about two hours at the park. Miss. A played on the slides and the swings. Most of the other kids had left the park to go home for lunch, but we stayed and played a bit longer. Baby K loved watching it all. Her eyes were all lit up as she saw each new thing or person. Sadly she is not very good at walking in a snow suit. Quite often, for seemingly no reason, she would fall forward onto her face. It was like her head was some giant heavy bobble head or something! One moment she's fine, the next she's doing Downward Dog without the assistance of her hands. Ah well, I guess this is how we learn.

The best part, as far as Miss. A was concerned, was getting home just in time to have lunch with Daddy! They got to snuggle up on the couch together as lunch was being made. She's such a daddy's girl! It was a great day and hopefully tomorrow will be even better. I even managed to wash the floors today, so yay me!

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