Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Passion For Photography

My husband LOVES photography. He has both passion and patience, which is probably why his photos turn out so well. This is something I could never do. I'm not a patient person. I have totally recognized that I like to know how to do things but not learn of to do things. This is probably why I don't have a hobby. He, however, is one of the most patient people I've ever met. You'd have to be if you're married to me. This also allows him to learn and improve on his photography. He takes his time and does it right.

I've been trying to convince him to pursue this interest in a more concrete way. He loves it. I think he should follow what he loves. In this particular case I don't mean just me and what I want. Although I don't discourage that either.  If you are genuinely good at something, have a talent for it, and love it, you should do it. This is what you should fill your days and life with. Many people go their whole lives wishing for such inspiration and opportunity to guide them somewhere better. I think that this would add tremendous joy to his life and how can following joy ever be bad?

I'd love to support him more than words of encouragement and praise. I'd like to be able to show him how this is possible to make this more of a permanent fixture in his life. I'm not saying quit his job tomorrow or anything that extreme. It would be fantastic if we could just get his work out there and appreciated. I'd also love to know where budding photographers can go for support. Where are there local or online groups and resources? I don't have much money, but I'd really appreciate knowing where I can find second hand equipment like light stands and such. Like I said, I don't know much about it, only that it's important and  possible. It's the how that I get stumped by.

I'd like to also encourage everyone to take a look at his Flickr page and bully him a little bit. If you have any good advice please leave it in the comments below. I love comments. Like I said, I'd really love for him to pursue this more actively. I don't have a job, so interfering and meddling in his affairs is going to have to hold me over until the kids are in school.

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