Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holy Cookies Batman!

This is the first year I attempted to do some real Christmas baking. Usually I intend to do a little something, but I get busy and lazy and it never happens. However, two years ago I decided to bake cookies for all my neighbours. I had five tins of chocolate dipped shortbread cookies that never left our house. In fact, by the end of the week I had devoured them all. FIVE TINS! There was so much butter in those cookies they should have come with a health warning. In the end I did those poor people a favor by taking that bullet. Sure, I gained six pounds and it probably took a couple of years off my life, but it's Christmas! It's no time to be selfish.

This year I baked like I was making up for lost time. In five days I made egg-nog cookies, sugar cinnamon cookies, chocolate dipped shortbread (ah, we meet again...), rice crispy squares in festive shapes, and brownies so chocolaty that they're obscene. I still have a couple of more things to make. Rum balls, because what is Christmas if you're not at least attempting to get blitzed on rum balls? Lastly, what has sadly become a favorite tradition at my house, Christmas Pooh. I feel this needs an explanation. When I first made these they were called Snowy Chocolate Crescents. When I shaped mine they didn't exactly look crescent shaped. They had a distinctly un-crescent shape look about them. Well, if you can't beat them join them, right? I gave in and just coiled them up! Yum! I've actually brought them to people's homes! They look mortified and confused when I hand them the box. Don't drink and bake people! It's a dangerous combination.

As of yet, I haven't eaten everything. I gave a good amount of it away. The rest I've stored in cookies tins. These tins are sitting amongst a sea of empty cookie tins. I guess it's kind of like Schroeder's Cookies. I don't know which tins have cookies in them and which don't without opening the tins. So they simultaneously are all full and empty of cookies; as long as I don't look anyways. Hmmm....I wonder if I do eat them if I am and am not six pounds heavier as long as I don't look at the scale. That sounds like pretty sound logic to me. Gosh, am I the first person to realize this?


  1. So, will any of your friends get a cookie tin? :-D

    Now I'm craving sweets - thanks, Jenn!

  2. Your Christmas Pooh story reminds me of the appetizer my family calls "Afterbirth." It is salad shrimp with cocktail sauce poured over softened cream cheese. My father took one look at it the first year I brought it to a family gathering and said, "That looks like afterbirth." And so it has been ever since. Ah, love those warm, fuzzy holiday traditions.

  3. @Karen, I guarantee you, if you stop by the house between now and Christmas you'll leave with a tin of cookies!

    @Masked Mom, that is truely awesome and disgusting! I'd love to attended a party where everyone brought their weird family dishes!


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