Monday, February 4, 2013

Don't Let Anyone Tell You Different

I made a delicious carrot soup last week. I put the bowl in the dishwasher but it didn't come out very clean at all! Surprise surprise. The dishwasher has one point to its existence; to clean dishes. If it's NOT doing that then there is no point to its existence at all. It should really do the honorable thing and walk its self out to an ice flow and be done with it. This constant letting me down is putting a strain on our relationship.

I wasn't the one who was going to blink first! I put that bowl back in and it wasn't coming back out until the job was done. The dishwasher is just going to have to learn we all have responsibilities and have to pull our weight. Eventually, after seven days, the bowl was finally clean. Talk about stubborn!

The people who might claim I was too lazy to hand wash the bowl are completely missing the point. This was about the value of persistence; and it paid off. Isn't persistence a virtue? I'm not sure but am going to say yes. I made a virtuous decision. So there non believers!

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