Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Grass is Always Greener. Except on our lawn.

This fantastic topic is brought to you by my darling husband Scott! I imagine it is inspired by the realization today that our lawn crap. Honestly it looks dreadful! You know the grass you walk on after a concert or on a school playground? Well ours looks only slightly worse than that. I think the only way to save it is to rip it up and re-sod the whole thing. It's a pity really, we have a nice corner lot and lots of space, but the grass is just not showing it off like it could. So we went to Canadian Tire today and bought grass seed; like we do every year. It won't grow; like it doesn't every year. I asked why do we bother doing the same thing if we know it won't work? "It works a little, we just have to do it every year." It doesn't work. The grass looks like a balding man trying to grow a few straggly hairs on his head. Or better yet, Scott trying to grow facial hair. Patchy and thin. Bazzinga!

However, it's not just the lawn. Scott has proclaimed this year The Year Of Home Improvement! (Best read in a monster truck announcer voice.) The hedge will be reclaimed from the wild. The lawn made thick and lush. The garage painted. The gardens landscaped and less weedy. The counter tops will lose their pink complexion and take on something in keeping with this century. Curtains would be nice; very nice. At the very least it would be nice to lose the forest green blinds. Yuck! The deck needs tending to, but it will have to wait until next year. Hopefully no one will fall through between now and then.

I admire his can-do attitude! It would be nice to see a few positive changes around the house.


  1. We go through the same thing every year too!. I look at my lawn and wonder if this will be the year that all prior year efforts will finally pay off. So far in 2012-nada.. The dandilions have already set up residence & procreated. Best of luck on all of your projects! Heather VSH

  2. I think in our house, this is the home-improvement decade! Also the home destruction decade (for my kids). However, we do have a nice (newish) back porch and patio. And we are starting a few gardens this year in a effort to grown our own food permaculture style! Good luck with your lawn!


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