Thursday, July 5, 2012

...Because It'll Be Even More Ridiculous When I'm Sixty

Do you know how hard it is to find a photo of red heads (or gingers if you must) with coloured streaks in their hair? Damn near impossible! Apparently red heads don't dye their hair. Sometimes I wish I was born a mousy brown so I could dye my hair different ways all the time. But no, I'm a red head and have impossible hair. It's hard to dye and style. I've tried and failed many times. When I was younger I made homemade dyes, which worked in all my friends' hair, but never in mine. I even tried bleaching it and it didn't change one iota. If I braided or put my hair in curlers over night, the waves and curls went flat my lunch. A few times I got a perm out of pure frustration. I looked like a poodle! Even then, the perm turned into frizzy hair within a couple of weeks. Just FYI, don't do something stupid like that a few weeks before your wedding. Trust me, it's a bad decision.

Usually when I get bored of the same old routine, I feel a need to do something to my hair. I don't know why that is exactly; probably because it's the easiest and most visible. Since I have so much trouble styling it, I often go and just get it all chopped off. My husband hates that! I don't know why husbands are always so possessive of their wife's hair. I guess he just doesn't want me to come home with a "mom" haircut. Which frankly, I don't either. Maybe that's why I went to the drugstore yesterday and bought a tube of purple hair dye. It's a total "anti-mom" hair style.

There were lots of different colours, but I chose purple. I have no idea what colour would look best because, as I said, red heads don't seem to dye their hair. I guess we are much too serious a people to be caught up in such silliness! It's really not that daring, it washes out in one wash. Ideally I'd like to find a few different colours that work and have a number of streaks going at the same time. I've tried the purple and I can kinda see it, but my hair is dark enough that the colour is fairly muted. Maybe subtle is a good thing, really.  Yeah, sure, I'm getting a bit old to be doing stuff like this, but I don't feel old. Isn't it better to be silly now than wait until you're a grandparent and embarrass your children with such silliness? Wait, that's not a bad idea! Maybe I'll have two mid-life crisis!


  1. I think it's awesome. I have some red in my hair but I don't have red hair. It was strawberry blonde when I was a child. Now, I'm not quite sure what it is. I generally dye it a dark brown now. I like it. It suits me. I have a friend in cosmetology school who wanted to try out the Ombre hair color on my hair, so I said sure why not. She bleached the bottom half of my hip length hair. It was blonde for about two days before we did it pink. Then I did it bright candy apple red, then purple and next blue then after that green. Anyways, there's a color at Walmart I use called SPLAT. It has the bleach and the hair color in it. It's worked amazing... atleast the red did. The purple washed out after a couple weeks, but I didn't use the bleach before I did it. They have turquoise and black and white and all sorts of colors. I totally recommend it. It does destroy your hair though... but i kinda think any bright color like that will.

    1. I would love a bright colour, but I dont think I want to kill my hair. If only there was some in between! Maybe fake highlights I could just clip in? Hmm, that's an idea!


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